apolLO-32 In Production

I took the apolLO-32 boards and parts to the assembly house today so I should have them back in a few weeks.  When I get them back, I still need to add a few components and program the boards.

I’ve been running phase noise measurements today using some equipment borrowed from Al, W5LUA, and have found that the apolLO-32 board tends to have better phase noise than what I have measured on the apolLO-I.  There are a couple of possible reasons for this.  One likely reason is the better match on the output of the Si4133 and on the output of the board itself.  I will be revisiting the apolLO-I shortly and making similar mods to it.


I just returned from the annual Central States VHF Society conference.  As usual, there was a good crowd from around the country (and a few international).  Steve Kostro, N2CEI, from DEMI showed off the apolLO-32 board in a 3.4GHz transverter.  The transverter was locked to a WWVB-derived 10MHz reference and had an integrated switch for instantaneously switching between 3400MHz and 3456MHz.  I brought a few apolLO-I boards for interested parties while the apolLO-32’s are being built.