Additional A32 Frequencies

Several requests for additional frequencies have been made since the apolLO-32 first shipped with 32 frequencies pre-programmed.  While some have opted to get an apolLO-I and program in their particular needed frequency, some would still prefer the convenience of a pre-programmed set of frequencies.  For the revision C board, an additional 3 jumpers were added increasing the number of pre-programmed frequencies to 256 (yes, we could rename it the A256, but seems a little silly at this point!).  And with the additional space, I’ve been busy adding additional frequencies.  Some of these are for international amateur allocations and others are for somewhat unusual IF frequencies.  

If you intend to use an A32 in a fairly typical IF/RF combination for your particular country, I will gladly add the requested frequency to the pre-programmed set.  For a specific frequency for a beacon, say, it probably makes more sense to use an apolLO I where an arbitrary frequency can be programmed. 

Here’s the list of recently added frequencies for Rev C2: 902.1, 1275, 1420, 1152, 1128, 1116, 1268 and for Rev C3: 1151, 1077.5, 1078, 1127.5, 1022.3, 1022.4, 1149, 1267, 1276.  No frequencies are deleted and so you just need to ensure that the revision of the board you are using is at least the revision specified to have that frequency.  The testing sticker (pictured) will show the specific board revision for all revisions C2 and after.  If the revision of the board is important to your application, be sure to ask for a specific minimum revision when you order from us or DEMI.

The list of frequencies can be found here: apolLO-32 Strap Positions.

A32 Revision Sticker

A32 Revision Sticker