VHF ApolLO Update

The VHF ApolLO board which can produce frequencies in the 80-250MHz range (details TBD) is currently in manufacturing.  We expect to have the boards by March 1 at which time they will be available on the Products Page and through Downeast Microwave.  The board is strap programmable just like the ApolLO-32.  A frequency list and documentation will be available in the next 30 days.  If you have specific frequencies that you would like to have supported in the board, please drop us a note or reply to this post with the frequency and any details (IF/LO/RF frequency so others will understand the use when it is in the table).

apolLO I kitting in progress …

We’ve received a number of orders for apolLO I programmable synthesizers so we had to enlist Katie’s help to get them all put together.  Here she is after the kitting carrying a stack of the apolLO I box #2 with the synthesizer and most of the ICs.

Katie carries a boxs for apolLO I synthesizer kits

Katie carries boxes for apolLO I synthesizer kits


Moved again!

As noted in a previous post, my family picked up and moved to Austin.  Well we’ve finally found a permanent residence so we made what is hopefully the last move for a while.  The new address is:

2806 Fountain Grove Cv
Round Rock, TX 78665

During the move, there were periods where the products/store section of the website were non-functional.  Hopefully all of these have now been corrected.  Also keep your eyes peeled for a new VHF oscillator coming out in the next couple of weeks.  I’ll have more details here when the boards are complete.  For now, here’s a picture of a prototype:

apolLO VHF

apolLO VHF oscillator prototype