apolLO Docs

VHF apolLO:

Documentation for the VHF ApolLO can be found here: VHF ApolLO Installation-Operation

apolLO I Microwave USB Programmable Oscillator:

Documentation for the apolLO-1 board is available online in PDF format for download.  The assembly instructions for the kit can be found here and the operation and installation instructions can be found here.

Windows software to operate the apolLO-I can be downloaded in ISO or ZIP formats (click on the format for the software).

ApolLO-32 Strap-Programmable Microwave Oscillator:

The latest frequency matrix for the apolLO-32 can be downloaded here: apollo-32-strap-positions-c5.  Note that all frequency lists are backward compatible.  In other words, if you have a Rev C3 apolLO-32, all frequencies from prior revsions are in the unit, but more recent revisions (C4) are not.  In the event that you need a flash-update of the software, let me know.  We can do this through the mail (send and return), I can email the software if you have a PIC programmer or we can meet at one of the VHF/Microwave shows and do it on the spot.