apolLO I Synthesizer Kit 4-PACK

This item is FOUR apolLO I unassembled Kits as described below:

The apolLO I Synthesizer is a USB programmable synthesizer. A 2-26MHz reference input is required unless the optional TCXO unit is also ordered. The kit is designed to use virtually any 10MHz reference oscillator such as a Z3801, Isotemp reference, Rubidium reference, etc. Phase noise performance of the oscillator will be proportional to the phase noise of the reference. The kit has small SMT components and requires a good soldering iron with a small tip (1/32") and prior SMT assembly experience. Most components are 0805 or larger, but there are a few 0603, 0402 and two very small ICs. The apolLO is a drop-in replacement for the MICROLO and has the same connections (plus a external reference in).

Output can be adjusted from 750MHz to 1700MHz, but comes setup to the range of 1000-1200MHz. Most units will actually cover a larger range. The range is adjustable via an 0402 inductor that can be ordered from Mouser, DigiKey, etc.

Output power is adjustable up to about +15dBm.

The apolLO I ships with Heathkit-style step-by-step instructions, an operations guide and software for a Windows PC. The software has not yet been tested on Vista and was designed for Windows XP. The LO can be programmed to any frequency in the range through the USB port. Once programmed, the board can be unplugged and put into a transverter, etc. and it will retain the programmed frequency.


Price: $376.00

Shipping: $12.65

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