Transverter Retrofit (add apolLO-32 to transverter)

Ship us your DEMI transverter (2304, 3456, 5760 or 10368) and we will install an apolLO-32 with a LOCK LED on the front of the transverter and a 10MHz input BNC on the rear. Before we make any modifications, we check to be sure that the transverter is functional. If there are issues, you will receive a phone call before any work is done. If we cannot resolve an issue that you would like resolved, we will ship your transverter to DEMI for problem resolution.

This is a turn-key upgrade -- your transverter will function with a frequency lock when returned. Get on channel! Price includes the apolLO-32 board, labor and return shipping. After purchase, pack your transverter and ship it to us.

Your transverter must be in working order when shipped (or it may delay the upgrade). If you know your transverter has issues, it would be best to ship it directly to DEMI for repair.

$139 apolLO-32, $35 labor, $7.70 shipping

CURRENT LEAD TIME: 3 DAYS (after we receive your transverter) -- updated 9/10



Price: $174.00

Shipping: $7.70

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